Marvel's 21 Movies summary in 2 Min for watching Endgame - MoviesGod
Marvel's 21 Movies summary in 2 Min for watching Endgame - MoviesGod

Marvel’s 21 Movies summary in 2 Min for watching Endgame

For people who haven’t watched a single marvel movie or forget the stories of previous Movies and going to watch endgame for the first time.

Best way to describe the story is dividing it in 3 phases, So that everyone can remember and no one gets confused or mix stories of different stories.

Marvel movies summary before watching endgame

Phase One: 

Iron man builds a suit and then helped to build a Headquarter for Avengers and also all expenses of Avengers operations are handled by Iron man’s aka Tony Starks Company known as Stark Industries.

captain America becomes a super soldier by contributing his body for American Scientist’s Experiment where he got converted into an strong immortal man.

Thor comes to earth to find his brother loki, turns out loki is calling an army to destroy earth all the avengers come together and and fight later the government decide to nuke the whole new york city to protect the world later iron man re route the nuke destroys the army and protects earth everyone goes home happy good game well played END OF PHASE ONE!

Phase Two: 

Iron man decides to make a robot who will fight for them (Ultron), Ultron goes rouge the fight they win vision gets created (a lot happens but nothing too important) vision have a infinity stone

Somewhere in the galaxy some fuckers find an another infi stone (power stone, they give it to nova cop(police department of the planet called nova) in the end of the movie) END OF PHASE TWO

Phase Three: 

Seeing all the destruction that happened government said if avengers don’t stop they will be identified as criminals some stopped being avenger some didn’t, those who didn’t stopped being avenger are called secret avengers, this leds to avengers get separated now this is where it gets juicy

Turns out captain America’s best friend bucky who died many years ago is alive he was brain washed and used as a killing machine he killed tony’s(iron man) parents, RIP Sed reactions.

Since cap and iron kind off are in a fight this leds to a civil war in which all avengers have to pick sides lot of important things happen but the importance things are

1. Black panther’s father dies

2. Spidey gets introduce

3. Iron man loses the civil war (kind off)

Ah !! How can i forgot to write about the story of Doctor strange, so Dr. Strange was doctor in real life but suddenly he met with an accident which costs his hands and then after researching a lot about a cure for his hands, he went to somewhere in Nepal where he got introduced to the world far away from world and there he learnt about seeing future and opening ways to transport him and his members to other places.

and also then comes the introduction of Captain Marvel who becomes superhero after she absorbed the energy of an energy source while destroying. So she also became powerful and now will fight with Avengers to defeat Thanos.

While all of this happens asgaurd (a planet) gets destroyed, long story

Key things to know:

>There are 6 infinity stone which can be used to destroy anything if one possess all six
>Thanos destroys half of the universe to control population

So,now i believe you are ready for the final watch where you will get the chance to see all avengers at once on one screen and there you will be confident enough that you know everything about every hero.

Best of Luck for Tickets  !!! 😛

Wrapping Up ❤️

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